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Discover our extra surprise discount if you add any SS24 item to your cart


NB Care - Chain Wax

  • Introducing NB CARE Chain Wax: Unleash the Power of Smooth, Clean, and Quiet Drivetrains!

    Experience the ultimate cycling performance with our premium Chain Wax. Designed to elevate your riding experience, this carefully crafted chain wax guarantees a flawless and seamless journey on your road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes.

    Why Choose NB CARE Chain Wax?

    • Unmatched Performance: With our Chain Wax, your drivetrain will soar to new heights of smoothness. Say goodbye to annoying chain squeaks and rough gear shifts. Enjoy a buttery-smooth ride that enhances your overall cycling pleasure.
    • All-Weather Reliability: No matter the weather conditions, our chain wax is up to the challenge. From scorching summer rides to wet and muddy trails, our formula remains steadfast, providing consistent protection and performance.
    • Unrivaled Durability: We understand that cyclists demand long-lasting products. That’s why our Chain Wax is engineered for extreme durability. 


    • Fully degrease your drivetrain with our Chain Cleaner and let dry.
    • Shake the bottle vigorously and apply 1 drop per chainlink. Let it penetrate for 30 minutes, then apply a second layer.
    • Wait 12 hours, remove excessive wax with drivetrain towel.
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