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    Over the last years Peloton de Paris has evolved from a business with 2 co-founders, to an awesome team of 7. We’re both a community and a company. You'll have a hard time finding a tighter crew that cares so much about both their products and customers. Our entire team is passionate about cycling and 6 out of 7 team members are active and avid cyclists themselves.

    Let’s introduce you to them:


    Favourite quote: "Your bike says a lot about you. Mine says: “I like bikes”

    Before we founded Peloton de Paris,  I used to work as a  consultant but I’ve always been passionate about bikes. At the age of 12, I got my first race bike and ever since, I’m hooked. The bike brought me so much happiness that I decided to quit my consulting job and started bike packing along the West-coast of the USA and across Europe in 2011. During those months on the bike, the idea grew to open the first bicycle bar in Belgium and to this day, I can still say I’m glad we took the leap: "Don’t dream your life, live your dream."

    When I’m not in the workshop or in the office, you can find me on my bike or playing with my dog Trixie. Basically, my life revolves around the bike, but I also love travelling, especially to Asia, discovering new countries whilst bike packing. Also quite a strong bottom brackets and wheel bearings fetish here.


    Favourite quote: "You'll never know, if you don't go."

    Before we founded Peloton de Paris, I was working as a brand manager in the Belgian beer industry. I pride myself that I have work experience in 2 quintessential Belgian specialties: beer & cycling.

    Not many people know this, and they mistake me for a city girl (having lived in Barcelona and Sydney), but I actually grew up as a farmer's daughter. I spent my entire childhood in the countryside, driving tractors and riding horses bareback. I knew by the age of 24, that I wanted to travel the world and become an entrepreneur. So I did both before I turned 27 :-)

    When I'm not working (that happens) or riding my bike, I enjoy reading books, hikes with Trixie or going to concerts. My other big passion is travelling with a backpack, arriving at a foreign country with no set plan and an open mind.

    Shop/Office dog

    Favourite quote: "I don't always want to go outside, but when I do, I want to come back inside 2 minutes later."

    Before I was a shop dog at Peloton de Paris, I was dropped at the animal shelter of Mechelen. I spend my days locked up in a cage, peeing from excitement whenever a volunteer took me out for walkies. 

    Not many people know this, but I'm actually spoiled rotten now, I can sleep in a big bed with a lot of fluff and warmth. Oh... you knew this?

    When I'm not licking the sweat from cyclist's legs in the store, or curling up on my dogmom's lap whenever she has a meeting; I enjoy sleeping, long walks in the park, more sleeping and spending time with my besties Joy the Malinois and Toby the Beagle. I also enjoy an occasional bike ride on my dogdad's back, because #outsideisfree!

    Assistant Store Manager

    Favourite quote: “ALS'K MAAR KAN LACHEN!” - “ALS’K MAAR KAN ZEVEREN!”

    I graduated high school with a degree in electricity, but developed an interest in graphic design through some friends in the graffiti scene. I took a Graphic Design course and started my first job in the sign industry, designing car-wraps. I saved up some money to go travel and it was during that journey I realized I wanted to do something else with my life. I went back to study Interactive Multimedia Design, working Saturdays at IKEA. And that’s where I met a friend who got me into cycling, from that moment on it all started rolling!

    I grew up as a boy should. Riding my bike to school, building camps & tree houses with death rides attached… all sorts of crazy stuff! I spent every summer holiday on the family farm, riding my little 125CC motor crosser through the plowed fields and playing Streetfighter on the Super-Nintendo … Them good ‘ol days!

    When I have a day off- I love to spend my time creating art. When swell comes in you can find me near the seaside, and when it’s sunny out, I’m off riding my bike… but in the end, you can always find me riding my bike. #OUTSIDEISFREE

    Administrative Coordinator

    Favourite quote: "Nothing grows in the comfort zone."

    Before I joined the Peloton de Paris crew I worked at A.S.Adventure, an outdoor retailer, as head of the customer service department. My passion for cycling got me into applying for a job at the most awesome cycling brand in Europe!

    Not many people know this, but as a young girl I rode my bike around town to get to places. And honestly… I hated it. My first real bike ride was a 10.000 km ride from northern Alaska to southern Mexico along the Great Divide mountainbike route. I kept on cycling ever since.

    When I'm not working, I like to spend as much time as possible being outdoors with my family, going on camping trips (preferably by bike), breathing fresh mountain air or trail running in the woods. To spice up daily life I love having a challenge ahead of me. 

    Content Creation

    Favourite quote: "Come home with your shield, or on it"

    Before I joined Peloton de Paris, I worked for 8 years in a bike shop in Chicago, managing an e-commerce platform, leading the sales team and taking on a role in the organisation of annual events. I was to see the perspective and meaning of every rider in our sport.

    Not many people know this, but I spent the first 18 years of my life at home in Chicago before moving to the birthplace of cycling for college. When riding down the lakefront with my family, I would speed ahead and turn back to catch my family, and go again; explaining "I like to go fast." Belgium became the ideal place to not only come for education in Business Administration, but also an education in the art of racing.

    When I'm not working, I'm either at class or doing something related to bikes: reading race reports from the pro's race over the weekend, training myself, cleaning and maintaining my bikes... it's an addiction!


    Favourite quote: "Simplification is the greatest sophistication" -Steve Jobs 

    Before I joined Peloton de Paris, I started a Tech company and sold it to a Norwegian investment firm. Not many people know this, but I was officially the first customer of Peloton de Paris and was so happy that years later I could start contributing to Peloton de Paris' growth by providing growth capital as well as by having an opinion about the strategy and key decisions. Cycling has always been part of my DNA. I grew up watching all the big races with my grandpa. School never really was my thing. Hence why I started the prep for my first business at the age of 17. I've always been inspired by entrepreneurs. People who try, fail and try again. Also by people who are warm hearted and give back.

    When I'm not working, I love a great BBQ early spring, when temperatures rise above 20c again for the first time....and you just came back from that early spring bike ride. Family and sports pretty much captures it. I have 2 little boys whom I'm introducing to my favourite sports.