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"Waffles Before Watts": Group Ride 16 Dec. 2023 | Event

Get ready for an exhilarating 100 km gravel adventure with us! Our journey will lead us through the region's most scenic, yet least muddy routes, offering a delightful mix of gravel and some smoother tarmac paths. Our highlight for the day? The magnificent Sonian Forest, Belgium's gravel paradise. Here, we'll marvel at landmarks like the enchanting Solvay Castle and the historic Royal lodge near the forgotten horseracing track. The forest promises endless stretches of smooth gravel paths, offering a spectacular view at every turn.

From the picturesque park of Tervuren, we'll make our way back to Mechelen, discovering lesser-known gravel tracks along the way. And what better way to celebrate our day than with hot drinks and delicious WAFFLES waiting for us at the end?

Don't let the weather dampen your spirits! In case of rain, we've got a shorter route planned. It's still all about the gravel experience, with minimal mud but loads of fun. We'll ride along the well-known "jaagpaden" beside the Dijle river and explore some hidden gems around Keerbergen, Werchter, and more. And yes, regardless of the weather, hot drinks and WAFFLES will be ready to warm us up back at the Cafe!

Join us for an unforgettable day of cycling, camaraderie, and treats. Let's ride together!

Practical information:
- Start ride: Meet up at 9:30 AM, start ride at 10:00 AM
- Distance: 100 km (or 60-70 when weather does not allow)
- Pace: 23-25 km/hr on average
- You receive 2 free drinks (before and after the ride) + free waffles after the ride
- Shower is available at Peloton de Paris after the ride
- You will receive a gpx file before the ride
- Helmet is mandatory
- No-drop ride, but you are expected to keep up with the communicated pace
- You are expected to bring your own tubes and repair kit 
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