Discover our extra surprise discount if you add any SS24 item to your cart

Discover our extra surprise discount if you add any SS24 item to your cart


Sprinteur Bib Women 2.0 | Black

  • Elevate your cycling sessions with our latest Sprinteur Women's Bib Shorts, meticulously designed for high-intensity training and competitive racing. These premium bib shorts boast a fully dyed, ultra-soft French fabric, offering a second-skin feel with unmatched strength and muscle support during demanding performances. The fabric's design ensures freedom of movement and molds to your body, coupled with superior UV protection and 360° stretchability for unparalleled flexibility during rides.

    Tailored specifically for women, the Sprinteur Bib Shorts feature soft, flat elastic straps that blend into a highly breathable, aerodynamically optimized back panel. This combination delivers an ideal balance between performance at high speeds and enduring comfort for long distances. The women's-specific fit and padding cater to female cyclists, with three open cell foam densities providing a comprehensive thickness of 16mm for exceptional support and comfort. The advanced Humidity Transition System (H.T.S.) guarantees efficient moisture management, keeping you dry and comfortable for rides lasting up to 8 hours.

    Crafted with a women's-specific race fit for intensive training and racing, these bib shorts incorporate high-compression French fabric, seamless straps to reduce bulk, and reflective safety elements. The Sprinteur Women's Bib Shorts are engineered to help you surpass your limits, offering peak performance and comfort on every journey.

Color: Black
Size: XS
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