We are updating our entire summer and winter assortment in 2024, enjoy up to 50% off!

We are updating our entire summer and winter assortment in 2024, enjoy up to 50% off!

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Our Story



Our Journey


Back in 2013, having travelled/cycled the globe together for over a year, we realised we wanted to add real value to people's lives instead of going back to working 9 to 5. Before long we quit our corporate jobs, pursued our passion and opened the doors to 'Peloton de Paris', the first cycling café in Belgium. It quickly became the hangout spot for fellow cyclists. We had so much fun designing a cycling kit to promote the café that it inspired us to create our own label of cycling apparel. From the first coffee poured at the café, to the cycling apparel you all know today, we stayed true to a simple idea: to connect and inspire fellow cyclists. We invite you to follow us on our uncommon journey. It's been an epic ride so far!




Our Cycling Café


From the moment you walk into the Peloton de Paris store in Belgium, you are greeted by our friendly and helpful staff, whether or not you arrive in your Lyrca. The smell of coffee fills the air and the walls are adorned with cycling jerseys and other cycling paraphernalia.


You see fellow cyclists sip on a cappuccino during their #coffeeride, and you're just in time to watch the finish of today's stage on the TV. You've reached the hangout for cyclists in Belgium.


Visit us at Hoogstraat 49, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium






At Peloton de Paris, we've always been real and we've always had something confident and original from the start. We had so much fun designing a jersey to promote our cycling café that it inspired us to create our own label of cycling apparel. Our first Peloton de Paris jerseys were so different in design, they changed the Belgian cycling kit market in 2015.

We believe the key ingredient to our products is that they combine function, fit, and fashion. While sticking to our roots, Peloton de Paris has now become recognized across the globe as the cycling label that sets out to be performance-oriented, fun, classy, and daring.





Peloton de Paris and the cycling community


There's a real sense of camaraderie among cyclists. Our goal is to make you feel a part of this camaraderie. So that your days in the saddle will become even more enjoyable.


Share your cycling story with us via @pelotondeparisor #pelotondeparis and become an active member of our cyclists community.







We believe nature and cycling go together like milk and cookies and we are aware of the impact we have on our environment as a cyclist and as a business. That's why we want to make a real effort to limit this impact. For example, we carefully selected our packaging materials to be environmentally kind and to be plastic free.








In 2016 we adopted Trixie, our shop dog, from the local shelter. She now spends her days greeting our clients in the cycling café, licking the salty sweat from cyclists legs and smelling the mud on the bike's tyres. Not every animal has Trixie's luck, thats why we support our local animal shelter with a yearly donation. It's our way of giving back to our community.