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    The best community of cyclists in the world

    Our business model does not rely on discount after discount, it relies on our incredibly loyal following. Our ever-growing community has fuelled our business decisions and growth over the past years. You, our customers and believers from the first hour, are the reason why we're here. 



    One of our favorite aspects of cycling, and a reason for opening our café, is community. In the early days of our shop, we would hear stories of riders making new friends by simply saying "hi" to a stranger in a Peloton de Paris kit at a stoplight. Some of these moments have created friendships that have lasted years. The Original Kit created a sense of camaraderie and belonging to a group, even between two people who had never met before. To this day, we still encourage every rider to say "hi," as it is one of the easiest ways to be friendly and inclusive of fellow cyclists. Be it a small nod, raising a hand, or a simple 'Hi', greeting other cyclists makes a big difference.

    Events and rides as a platform for direct interaction

    We at Peloton de Paris have always been convinced that the creation of a strong local community of passionate, active cyclists should be a vital part of our DNA. That is why we have been organising local rides and cycling events since the early days, mostly in the region around our cycling café but in recent years even across country borders. In 2019, this resulted in a Peloton de Paris group ride in Tokyo, Japan.

    We strongly believe that this also creates a platform for our customers to be seen and heard by us in a unique way. We take pride in talking to our customers and in getting their direct feedback about our products, their interests and expectations during these events. When you join one of our rides, it's also a great way to meet other cyclists in your region, who share the same passion and active lifestyle as you. Many friendships have been forged within our community.

    Giving back to our community

    In 2016, we adopted Trixie, our shop dog, from the local shelter. She now spends her days greeting our clients in the cycling café, licking the salty sweat from cyclists legs and smelling the mud on the bike's tyres. Not every animal has Trixie's luck, that's why we support our local animal shelter with a yearly donation. It's our way of giving back to our local community. In 2017, we were able to donate 1500 EUR, through the sales of a special edition cycling cap. In 2020, the profits from the ticket sale of our Dusty Moon event will go entirely to funding the new car the shelter needs since their old car broke down. With this car, they pick up neglected and injured animals, to bring them back to safety and shelter. We will be able to donate as much as 5000 EUR because of this event and your participation and support.