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At Peloton de Paris, we do not only make great cycling apparel, we also love to build bikes and custom bikes.
We work on appointment only, so if you would like us to build your dream bike, get in touch via
Let us introduce you to the brands we work with:



Custom steel My Corsa frameset retails from € 3 200 incl. headset and a paint job of your choice. Complete bicycle built: price on request. Please make an appointment to discuss your MyCorsa dream bike with our chief mechanic Vincent Van Parys.

Standard steel Eddy Merckx Strada bikes retail from € 2 499 (complete bike with Ultegra R8000 groupset). 

Carbon Eddy Merckx bikes retail from € 2 999 (complete bike with Sram Rival groupset)

The words ‘punctilious’ and ‘maniacal’ could have been invented for Eddy. That’s how meticulously he thought about his bike. Every detail mattered. For example, would raising the saddle by 1 mm improve the feel of the bike? Would it give him more power?

Every race Eddy won was on a steel horse, steel being the primary resource for bikes in the 1960s and 70s – also known as the ‘Eddy Years’. Aluminium and carbon came into play later on. But like first loves, steel would never be forgotten. Now, 50 years on, what do we see flooding back onto the market? Right, that first love.

Through Eddy Merckx Bikes, we want to honour Eddy. His career. His way of riding. His attention to detail. His love of bicycles. That’s why we have reintroduced a complete range of Merckx Steel. But make no mistake: these are not retro bikes.

They are contemporary, high-end steel bikes. Your best friend on the road. Ready to help you out on long rides, to support you when the going gets tough. Just like Eddy’s.

Discover all about My Corsa and Eddy Merckx here and here.


Retails from € 2 899 for a frameset including headset. Complete bicycle built starting from € 3 500.

With a million other bicycle brands in the world, why would you choose a Ritte?

The easy answer is choose Ritte because you passionately feel you can't go on without one in your life. Choose Ritte because looking at our bikes makes you feel funny, makes you weak in the knees and filled with longing for an inanimate object. Choose Ritte because you want to ride something different, something that sets you apart from the pack, something that says you're an individual.

Okay, so basing a major purchase on a purely emotional reaction isn't exactly prudent, which is why the bikes aren't just pretty. Every frame in the lineup compete at the top of their category in terms of engineering, materials, build quality and performance. The same goes for their carbon, stainless steel and alloy creations. And if you ever have any issues with the frame you've bought, they will do everything they can to make you happy as quickly as possible.

This is what they have to say about their brand: "We have a complex relationship with our bikes and most of our customers do too.  Our bikes are born from equal parts passion and logic: to us they're both art and utility, the highest personal expression and simple brutish tools. Ultimately, we design the bikes we want to ride, and hope you want to ride them too."

Have a look at the complete range here.


Ridley retails from entry models € 699 in MTB and € 1 099 in Women's Road Bikes, up to € 6 299 for the Noah Fast 10.

A place where children can ride a bicycle before they can even walk, and where everyone comes outside to see a cycling race passing by, that is Belgium. That is where Ridley Bikes was born.

As a young rider, Jochim Aerts always expected the best from himself and his equipment. Because he was unsatisfied with his bikes, Jochim decided to build them on his own. In 1990, he founded NV Race productions, a company that made bicycles for local bike shops. In 1997, Jochim started his own brand Ridley Bikes. Thanks to a constant commitment to innovation, Ridley managed to stay in front ever since the beginning. The tapered headtube was first introduced by Ridley on the 2001 Damocles. Nowadays, it is a standard in bike industry.

Ridley was not only involved in the search for new materials. In terms of aerodynamics, we succeeded in raising the bar for others by using our patented FAST-technologies.

Inspired by nature and based on facts and on-the-field-experiences, Ridley still strives to design and build better bicycles every time.

Have a look at the complete range here.


We are most famous for our custom builts and invite you to request an appointment with Vincent, our mechanic, if you would like your dream bike to become reality. We advise you to email us first with your specific request to see if your project is the right fit with what we do. 

Get in touch with us: or 0032 (0) 15 64 48 26 and ask for Vincent with the request for custom.