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    Back in 2013, we pursued our passion and opened the doors of 'Peloton de Paris', the first cycling café in Belgium. It quickly became the hangout spot for fellow cyclists. Designing the club kit for the café inspired us to create our own label of cycling apparel. This has now become a full line of apparel for the avid and demanding cyclist. From the first coffee poured at the café, to the cycling apparel you all know today, we stayed true to a simple idea: to connect and inspire fellow cyclists.


    Contrary to what our name might suggest, Peloton de Paris is 100% Belgian. When we opened our cycling café in Belgium, we let ourselves be inspired by the mother of all big cycling races: le Tour de France. Et voila: Peloton de Paris was born!

    building a sustainable business

    Over the past years, we've evolved from a local coffee and repair café for cyclists in Belgium, to a sustainable business combining a cycling café and a line of cycling apparel that we sell worldwide. All this comes with a responsibility towards our planet and the future generations. That's why we make a real effort to limit this impact. For example, we carefully selected our packaging materials to be environmentally kind and to be plastic free. 



    We believe the key ingredient to our line of apparel is that it combines function, fit and fun.
    We want our products to represent who we are and how we ride, which is why our entire range of products is performance-oriented, fun to wear & has a non-conformist attitude sprinkled all over it.

    Organic growth thanks to our world-class community

    Our business model does not rely on discount after discount, it relies on our incredibly loyal following. Our ever-growing community has fuelled our business decisions and growth over the past years and it makes us really happy and proud. You, our customers and believers from the first hour, are the reason why we're here and for that, we want to say thank you, and give back.

    Work life balance

    From the first pedal stroke to the view from the top of the mountain, we love cycling and everything about it. Whether it's an epic ride with friends, or a solo coffee ride, for us, cycling is all about having fun. It's about the first ride of the year when it's warm enough to wear shorts, the wind on your face when you descend that challenging climb, the feeling of freedom you get when you forget about everything else and just ride. 

    It's these things that make up the journey. Thank you for letting us be a part of yours.

    Along came Trixie

    In 2016, we decided to adopt Trixie, a dog from our local animal shelter. Trixie became the best shop/office dog one could ever ask for. She now spends her days greeting our clients in the cycling café, licking the salty sweat from cyclists legs and smelling the mud on the bike's tyres. Not every animal has Trixie's luck, that's why we support our local animal shelter with a yearly donation.