Flandrien Sweater | Beige

  • The embroidery on this t-shirt is meant to represent a hand-painted miniature cyclist, we call them 'little flandriens' in Belgium.? Being called a "Flandrien" in cycling is a badge of honor that denotes a rider with exceptional toughness and resilience, embodying the hardy spirit required to endure the brutal cobblestones and harsh weather conditions of the Flemish cycling classics. It's a term reserved for those who demonstrate the grit and determination characteristic of the legendary Belgian cyclists. 

    Made from premium-quality organic cotton, and designed with a chest-sized bike embroidery, this versatile crewneck sweater offers a classic and sophisticated look for anyone who wants to show their passion for cycling on and off the bike. 

    NOTE: This is a unisex product. Men should consider sizing up for a more relaxed fit. Women should consider sizing down.
Color: Beige
Size: L
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