Introducing Unisex Sizing: Cycling Gear That's Made for Everyone

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and PdP wants to be able to kit out the whole peloton. That means encouraging people of all genders and sizes to wear cycling gear that makes them look and feel good. We also want to reduce our environmental footprint. This is why we are introducing unisex sizes for all of our jerseys. 


Our customers have spoken. In both fit and function, they love our best-selling Recon Jersey, the only unisex jersey in our collection. Until now. It only makes sense that we do the same with our entire range. By moving to unisex jerseys, we can invest more in making a wider range of sizes, from xxs to xxxl, though we will continue to offer bib shorts and tights made specifically for men and women.


Unisex sizes also offer a wider range of options for everyone. Gone are the days of a tiny rack of women’s kits. Many of the women in our PdP posse are already buying men’s jerseys. And now, the same goes for the guys. If you like a unisex jersey, then just buy it with the peace of mind that it will fit and feel great.


Inclusivity is one of our goals. But unisex apparel also means less waste. By manufacturing more selectively as a brand, while offering the same jerseys to all of our customers, we can help to reduce our environmental footprint. Inclusive   and eco-friendly? That’s a no-brainer.


But don't worry, we are still committed to providing cycling apparel that fits you. We have made subtle adjustments to our jerseys to ensure they fit a wider range of body types. Not to mention that we will continue to use high-quality fabrics that offer the perfect amount of stretch to guarantee both fit and comfort.

Our recommendation: when ordering unisex products for women, we suggest ordering one size smaller. For example, a woman who normally wears a medium size should order a small unisex garment instead.

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