We are official dealer of the following brands: Ridley & Eddy Merckx, Ritte, Bombtrack, Bellé and OPEN; but if you’re looking for something more exotic, we can probably help you out as well. Please enquire via



Ridley is based in Flanders, Belgium - the heartland of cycling. The company was founded in 1997 by Jochim Aerts, a frame builder and painter who had been producing frames for Belgian bicycle companies since 1990. In a few years, Ridley became the market leader in Belgium for race bikes, and to date still is the biggest cycling company Belgium knows. To get to this position, they focused on innovation, design and technology, and they continue to do so.

The passion they have for the sport of cycling is in fact the key driver for the creation of every Ridley bike. They have continuously sponsored World Tour teams, from which they get first-hand and valuable rider feedback. 

From André Greipel’s Noah SL to the leisure rider’s Liz A model, Ridley has a bike for every type of rider. Looking to climb the arduous Alpes d’Huez switchback, experience the teeth-chattering cobbled Arenberg Forest sector of Paris-Roubaix? Maybe you want to tackle that 7-day bike tour? What you choose to conquer is completely up to you. Your Ridley will be right there with you.



Eddy Merckx Bikes is back. This modern heritage brand has come a long way since having Eddy himself as the founder of the company. Now, the name Eddy Merckx is written again in full and beaming again with pride on every frame. 

Eddy Merckx builds race bikes for cyclists who dare to step outside the box. For those with a strong personality, who strive to be truly unique. The DNA of these unique race bikes stems from the most legendary cyclist of all time: Eddy Merckx. His track record, his 525 victories, his personality and his authenticity are all encompassed in the brand's extraordinary race bikes. Each bike that bears the Eddy Merckx name is truly unique. Every model tells its own story, each linked to a special victory of Eddy. 

"Premium and distinguished" is what you can expect when browsing the most recent models of the new Eddy Merckx Bikes. They prefer choosing their own launch dates rather than falling in line with the classic release dates of the other big brands, which makes these bikes all the more authentic.



Your bike says a lot about you. This one says, "I like bikes". 

Ritte has been with us from the moment we opened the doors to our cycling café. We love everything about this brand: Its attitude, its edgy advertising and most of all, its bikes. The brand launched in 2010 and attracted some buzz for its laid back and irreverent vibe. The snob, the Vlaanderen and Bosberg ware initially turning heads, and when they launched their ACE, everyone went cray cray for the brand. Ritte doesn't just make bikes, they make pure race-and gravel bikes that let you stand out of the crowd. Every bike they make shares the same phylosophy: these bikes want to be ridden fast!

But like many 'small and funky' brands, they encountered some growing pains and all of a sudden it went quiet. And then, from out of nowhere, Ritte drops two new bikes designed with help from one of the world’s most influential and accomplished frame builders Tom Kellogg. The combination of the race-oriented geometry and the Reynolds 725 tubing with Enve fork is spot-on! How do we know? Because we own a few Ritte's ourselves! When you visit our flagship store in Mechelen, you can see the new Satyr with your own eyes. But careful, this bike gets angry when disturbed!

Ritte: bicycles for the fun and glory for all humankind.

The bikes are the Ritte’s new Satyr (gravel) and Phantom (all-road) steel bikes. For more info, please enquire via or go to


Ritte don’t take themselves terribly seriously. They take the bikes really seriously, but they don’t think they’re making nuclear submarines. They know what they’re doing.

"( ) that sense of edgy-Belgian-cool? Still alive and well." (Quote Peloton Magazine)


German in origin, the brand first began with a focus on single speed and fixed gear freestyle bikes. The bikes have certainly got more gears now, and are quite a lot more complicated, but the passion this brand has to produce bikes that they'd love to ride and own themselves, remains. 

Bombtrack is a niche brand with a great price/quality ratio. They offer a very interesting steel assortment, and at the moment their range is largely focused on gravel. We prefer to start with their frames and build them up according to the customer's requirements and our own expertise. We are really fond of the Bombtrack Hook 2 (2020 edition) or Hook EXT (2020 edition) because of the updated geometry, T47 bottom bracket and external headset bearings. Contact us to find out more about this cool niche brand.



Enrico Bellé, the founder of BELLE Cycles, has more than 20 years experience as a metals craftsman, and has given life to projects of all kinds. He has always been linked to the bicycle as a good mountain-biker, but it is not until 2010 when he arrives in Barcelona that he gets into the bicycle industry. 

We are proud to work together with Enrico Bellé for custom geometry steel bikes. The knowledge Enrico has about TIG welding and the different ride qualities of the Columbus tubes, combined with our passion and experience with frame geometry, makes it a great way to create a custom bicycle for our customers. Depending on the ride quality you want, your body geometry, tire clearance and groupset of choice, we can make the bike that feels like a tailor-made suit to you. Details are not just details, they make the design. For more info about how custom works and the endless possibilities, please contact us at for an appointment. We will guide you through the whole process, whether you’re as freaked out about frame geometry and tube-selection as us, or just want to have a great looking bike that rides the way you like ;-)
We have one custom Bellé in our shop at display so feel free to dream away when you’re around.


Enrico Bellé works meticulously with each assignment he receives, and loves working with geometries, designing a bike from start, considering weight, height and, of course, tastes and preferences of the customer. The custom paint job itself, can be an artwork on request. We have a custom Bellé gravel bike on display at our shop, with a Galaxy-inspired artwork.

His specialty: the steel and the welding TIG.His preferences: pipe Columbus Spirit / Life. Even if he has not created specific models for his frames, he performs road, CX, gravel and MTB frames and a multipurpose version between road/gravel with 650B wheels.


Based in Switzerland, at OPEN, the motto is “working hard to stay small”. The founders have done the “big company” thing, and it was time for something different. So they designed the bike they want to ride themselves, they produce them, sell them to like-minded people and that’s it. Staying small forces them to focus on what matters: Product development, and not much else. No sponsorships, no marketing, no complete bikes. So if the simplicity of nice bikes, nice rides, nice company and nothing else are what you’re after too, OPEN might be the brand for you. 

Andy Kessler, the former CEO that made BMC an international player in the bicycle industry, joined forces with Gérard Vroomen, who had been pushing bike design at Cervélo for 15 years before they started OPEN. Both of them found that their jobs had become too involved with politics and administration, so they decided it was time to do something completely similar yet so different to what they had been doing for the past decade. They decided it was time to shift their focus again to what's most important: the bike.