Espresso Cup & Saucer 2.0 | No color

  • Peloton de Paris Espresso Cup: The Perfect Blend of Coffee and Cycling

    Discover the perfect union of coffee passion and cycling culture with our Peloton de Paris Espresso Cup - a must-have for every coffee enthusiast and cycling aficionado.  Made from high-quality thick porcelain, it is specifically designed to retain the heat of your espresso, ensuring every sip is just as warm as the first. The cup features the iconic Peloton de Paris branding, making it a stylish statement in any coffee lover’s collection. The set is thoughtfully composed of one espresso cup along with a matching saucer, ideal for those cherished moments of coffee indulgence. Additionally, the cup’s interior has a unique conical shape, expertly crafted to amplify the rich flavors and aromas of your espresso, transforming each coffee experience into something truly special.

    This Peloton de Paris Espresso Cup is more than just a vessel; it's a celebration of your twin passions for coffee and cycling, wrapped in elegance and functionality.

    Packaging & Shipping: We understand the importance of receiving your Peloton de Paris Espresso Cup in pristine condition. We take extra care in securely packaging this item for its journey. However, please note that in the rare event of breakage during transit, we cannot offer a replacement or refund for the damaged cup and/or saucer.

Color: No color
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