NB Care - Snow Foamer

  • The Snow Foamer is the perfect partner for our Bike Shampoo and an essential addition to every bike care kit. Designed for quick and enjoyable bike cleaning, the Snow Foamer helps you get the most out of your bike wash.

    Made of durable plastic suitable for professional use, the Snow Foamer provides various interchangeable nozzles to choose the desired foam type, giving you the ideal cleaning power for your bike. It makes bike maintenance more fun and efficient, ensuring that your bike always looks its best.

    Try our Snow Foamer today and experience it for yourself!

    Instructions for use:

    • Unscrew the top part of the Snow Foamer.
    • Pour a full bottle of NB Care Bike Shampoo into the Snow Foamer.
    • Screw the top back tightly onto the Snow Foamer.
    • Pump approximately 40 times to spray your bike clean in one go.
    • Enjoy!

    *NB Care Bike Shampoo not included.

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