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Waterproof Cycling Wallet | Light grey

  • Introducing the Ultimate Rainproof Cycling Wallet – Your Perfect Partner for Every Ride, No Matter the Weather!

    This oversized wallet is a cyclist's dream, designed to safeguard your larger phones and essentials against the elements. Its advanced waterproof coating and water repellent zip lock out moisture, ensuring everything inside stays dry and secure.

    But it's more than just a phone protector. The case thoughtfully includes a soft divider, allowing you to organize and separate your cards from your smartphone. Need space for small valuables like coins and keys? We've got you covered with a dedicated zipped pocket for secure storage.

    And for the avid cyclists, it's a versatile companion. Transform it into a compact tyre change kit holder, fitting wider inner tubes, tyre levers, a gas cylinder, or a multi-tool. With its sleek design, thiis case isn't just practical – it's a stylish accessory for every journey.

    Gear up for any weather with confidence – keep your essentials protected and organized with our Waterproof Cycling Wallet.

Color: Light grey
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